New S.T.E.M. Partnership

Friends and Supporters of the Woape Foundation:

In 2013 the Woape Foundation provided the raised beds, seeds and plants ($1,500) for a new geodesic dome that had been provided by the Toyota Foundation for the Jesuit schools serving the Lakota Sioux children on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. This was just the beginning of an ambitious partnership and effort to use the greenhouse as a nexus for teaching the students at Red Cloud Elementary School, Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School and Red Cloud High School a broad Health and Science curriculum.

To accomplish their broader goals Red Cloud has now hired a Greenhouse Coordinator who is working with a greenhouse faculty team to develop and maintain a curriculum for students across grade levels that combines growing food with environmental education and healthy habits.

More specifically, the schools are committed to using the Greenhouse as a tool for strengthening the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education across all grade levels so their students can compete with other students and succeed professionally in the vital STEM fields.

To assist these important efforts, the Woape Foundation has embarked on a new, expanded 3-year partnership with Red Cloud and Toyota USA Foundation and has committed to provide some of the equipment and materials needed to fully implement the STEM/ Geodesic Greenhouse Curriculum. Here are the specifics regarding what the Woape Foundation is providing to the partnership:

Year 1: $5,784
Live video feed camera system for the geodesic greenhouse for remote management and learning, IPad Controller, IPad, incubator, thermometer, barometer, pH test kit, water test kit, automatic watering system, aquaponics materials, water collection and irrigation system.

Years 2/ 3: $5,700/ $5,700
Aquaponics materials, classroom books and materials for Red Cloud Elementary School, Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School and Red Cloud High School, all soil, seeds and plants.

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