Wayo Kapi Programs


Schools, churches, or community organizations may request for a representative from the Woape Foundation (most often the Founder) to present before them. Presentations may be a mixture of speaking, documentaries, interactive programming, and question/answer sessions

New (Interactive)

Our “New” Wayo Kapi program seeks to actively engage the community. Any students seeking to fulfill service learning hours may request to work with The Woape Foundation on a presentation they will give to an organization. First, students gain valuable lessons in research and organization, as well as community service hours. Second, more communities are impacted and enlightened. Finally, if the presentation is done via Prezi, students’ presentations may be integrated into The Woape Foundation’s website. However, it is important to note that students’ presentations must be approved by his/her local school board, school, or church before the hours may count.

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