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The Woape Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to building an Indigenous 21st Century through advocacy, education, and technology

Our Mission

Together, we can change our collective future

The first promise we made is a promise we still keep today: 100% of all public donations go towards building a Native future.

Collaboration is another core feature of The Woape Foundation; we work together with dozens of Native and non-Native partners on many initiatives—from reframing the narrative on indigenous peoples and ending the use of Native mascots to supporting the work of Native activists and ensuring a future of progress through the funding of education through reparations.

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You have our word — and more

We want you to know exactly how and where your donation is being used. So from the beginning, we’ve kept a few promises.


We partner with inspiring organizations to ensure that all our operations and processes are carbon neutral.

we're an open book

We’ve consistently received the highest grades in our size-class for clarity, accountability and transparency.

100% goes to indigenize

Select donors cover our operating costs, so 100% of money given online or fundraised goes to research & projects.

Envisioning our future

Facing a problem as big as centuries of colonization and a mounting global ecological crisis, all while building a future for many Indigenous generations requires an incredible team. We’re grateful to have some of the most innovative and committed young leaders guiding our organization—with the wisdom of their ancestors and heroes.

Our board is made up of Native and non-native leaders in law, education, activism, humanities, philanthropy, and science.

Together, we Indigenize.

Board of Directors


Change the world with us

Consider interning in one of our many fields of need or joining our Board of Directors and bring about a brighter, sustainable, and empowered future for all Native peoples and Nations.

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