Our Commitment to Mother Earth

We strive to ensure that our operations are carbon-neutral, that our corporate partners meet the highest standards in sustainability, and that our programs ensure equitable human development

Powered by Clean Energy

Ensuring sustainability throughout the lifecycle

At The Woape Foundation, we cannot fulfill or be true to our mission without ensuring that our operations and financial pipeline are green. We've worked to achieve this by running our office with solar power since 2011, partnering with B-Corp certified organizations for our operational backbone, and seeking out eco-conscious, carbon-negative financial institutions.

B-Corp Certified

our operations seek full equity and sustainability

We believe that to make lasting change, we need to build our operational backbone through equitable, sustainable, and just partnerships, purchases, and programs. We achieve this by partnering with B-Corp certified corporations for our fundraising, donation platforms, communication systems, and back-end CRM databases.

Our largest partner in this effort is Classy, our CRM and Fundraising platform that integrates with our social media and communication operations to ensure end-to-end sustainability and equity work. We hope that our efforts in this realm to ensure that we are committed to Mother Earth inspire you and other non-profit organizations to examine how we all can align our corporate operations with our mission statements to ensure a better world for all people.






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Eco-Conscious Finance

Aspiration Bank

At Aspiration, savings and debit card purchases will never be used to fund the oil or coal industries. In fact, most major financial institutions (Bank of America, Chase, Capitol One) that support non-profit accounts fund oil and gas development to the tune of billions of dollars per year. At The Woape Foundation, we believe this is irresponsible.

We encourage our supporters to consider switching to green finance, as we have, to ensure that our donations come from and go to banks and institutions that ensure a greener future!

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