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We work closely with our brand partners to develop mutually-beneficial curriculum changes, company policies, fundraising campaigns, co-branded merchandise, media, and experiences that have an impact. We work with:

corporations & small businesses

influencers, artists & changemakers

schools & community organizations

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Growing Native STEMs

To facilitate the development of Native practices within historically western STEM, Toyota U.S.A. Foundation partnered with us to construct a greenhouse on the Pine Ridge reservation for the Red Cloud Indian School and nurture a Lakota-based science program. Demonstrating the power of partnership, this program yielded a 170% increase in Red Cloud's students entering college with a STEM major.

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Interested in getting your organization involved?

Our most successful partnerships span a multi-year life cycle and involve a number of different tactics. Here are a handful of ways your organization or brand can partner with The Woape Foundation:


Contribute to NDGNZ projects, operations, or the research that make our work possible.

  • Corporate Gift
  • Percentage of Sale
  • Round-up
  • Gift matching
  • Support operations
  • gifts in kind


Rally your employees and customers to volunteer, fundraise, and spread the word.

  • employee fundraising
  • customer fundraising
  • employee volunteering
  • customer volunteering
  • community outreach
  • diversity training


Help shine a bigger spotlight on Indigenous people and the impact of our work.

  • Media support & inventory
  • gifted social media
  • social media takeover
  • event integration
  • petition support
  • employee support

our brand & community partners

As a supporting brand or community partner, you’ll have access to white glove account management services, reporting and proof for all projects/programs funded, and a full library of logos, photos, videos, and stories from the field for your official use.

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If we are to solve many of the challenges facing our world today (climate change, racism, economic inequality) we must incorporate Indigenous knowledge and practices into our economies and societies. Bring yourself, your community, your business, or your school into the future by partnering with us. Not only will you help bring about change for The Woape Foundation and our stakeholders, but you will also build a stronger, more equitable and sustainable future for yourself and your organization.

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