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COVID Relief for Pine Ridge

We're working with our network of supporters to assist the Red Cloud School with delivering meals to remote students during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ensuring Safety

News of the spread of Coronavirus/COVID 19 has brought a great deal of uncertainty and concern to Red Cloud and the broader Native American community, as the United States government's provision of healthcare services to reservations and minorities has historically been very poor and at many times downright racist. A longtime partner of ours, The Red Cloud Indian School system, is one unified institution comprised of four schools, our parish and its six churches, and The Heritage Center. we are committed to doing everything we can to assist our longtime partner as they ensure the health of their staff, students and families, parishioners, artists and all others who are a part of Red Cloud’s thiyóšpaye—extended family. We are proud to support the efforts of Red Cloud as they work to ensure the continued safety and education of their students.

Climate Crisis Panel Resize

Providing Meals

At a time when economic insecurity and unemployment continue to rise and COVID-19 still impacts daily life, it is imperative students nourished. A malnourished and hungry child cannot concentrate on their education. To this end, we have provided over $10,000 in emergency aid to Red Cloud as they work to feed their community through meal deliveries and pick-ups for families, to ensure the continued practice of social distancing.

Bringing back a School Year

As Red Cloud returned to campus during the fall semester before the delta-variant outbreak, we provided assistance to fund the purchase of a new yellow bus, essential in keeping students traveling safely to school.

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